Carer said: “Thank you for the call and information provided. I can honestly say that you have been the most helpful person/agency I have spoken with and your help is much appreciated. We have a surveyor coming tomorrow to look at installing a stairlift and are then working through the other information and contacts you have provided. I cannot tell you how much time you have saved me. It’s really hard finding time to investigate help sources when you are caring for someone, as there is no time. Thanks again.”

Care co-ordinator and staff have definitely made things easier. Crossroads always meet their needs and have been an absolute lifeline over the past six months. Staff are always polite and amazing, including care support workers. How they deal with the family definitely helped. It’s never too much for Care co-ordinator to sort as she is 100%. The family didn’t have time to research and was in desperate need of support and care co-ordinator made sure the grant fund was allocated to those in need the most; they made transition so much easier. The care support worker was always brilliant and so caring.”

“I hope all is well with all your amazing staff in this new set of lockdown restrictions. My mum is so much happier on the days that volunteer has been there and she is loving being able to go into shops and supermarkets. Mum has always enjoyed shopping, so I cannot thank you and volunteer enough for this.

Carer said: “I appreciate the help and support given, as it has been brill’ and has been really nice to talk and offload to someone.”

Carer collected her iPad and Wellbeing Pack; was so excited and even tearful.

Carer was so delighted to receive her iPad and Carer’s Pack that she thanked us so much.

Carer said: “I wanted to thank you for the help and support given. I really loved the Wellbeing Pack; due to this, I am now enjoying Colouring Therapy.”

Daughter said: “Care support worker is brilliant and has built up a lovely rapport with my dad. He is always talking about her. Thank you for your service, it’s done my dad good.”

Daughter said: “It’s always the little things that make a difference. Volunteer had done all my mum’s ironing and left a sandwich in the fridge for her to have later. I wasn’t expecting her to do this and I’m delighted and gratuitous.”

A carer brought in chocolate and flowers as a thank you for all the help and support the company has given them.

“Just wanted to say a big thank you for the laptop and care package. Absolutely wonderful and very thoughtful. Best wishes.”

“A huge thank you to all involved in getting me a phone, this will make life a lot easier. Thank you once again.”

“Brought me to tears when I received the iPad and wellbeing pack, no one has ever done anything like that for me before, can’t thank you enough.”

Client’s wife said: “You are an absolute Angel for supporting me and sorting out extra time for me to attend the meeting.”

Client and family said: “We are very appreciative of J, she is a pleasure to have in our home.”

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