Carers Respite

Carer respites is vital for the health and wellbeing of carers. Crossroads offer short term respite from your caring role. We can support with short term, regular calls where you can be safe in the knowledge your loved one is being cared for by a fully trained, dedicated care support worker.

We work in partnership the Rotherham Borough Council and the Rotherham CCG to provide these services, as well as working with individuals and their families who wish to pay for their care directly.

What the service offers:

  • Support in your own home
  • Carer respite
  • Dedicated, trained and skilled support workers
  • Person centred/client led care packages
  • Calls or visits scheduled at times to suit you
  • Flexibility to adapt as needs change
  • Value for money – our staff do not rush their calls
  • Wrap around care for both the person with care needs and the carer/family
  • Access to other services, including carers resilience service and carers information and support
  • Dementia-specific carer respite
  • Access to care free breaks

Who provides the service:

  • Crossroads are commissioned to provide services via the Local Authority and Rotherham CCG. We also work with individuals who wish to access care directly.

  • Our highly trained, dedicated staff will support you along your care journey

How do i access the service?

  • You can contact us directly via telephone or email
  • You can request Crossroads if your care is funded or part funded by the local authority
  • You can access dementia-specific care via the memory service
  • You can request care from Crossroads via your GP
  • You can also access services via the Social Prescribing network