Doncaster Services

We are offering support to Carers living within the Doncaster postcode.
The Carers Funds is open to carers aged 16 and over. Crossroads Care Rotherham as your nearest Network Partner of Carers Trust can apply on behalf of individual carers for grants of up to £300 for items or activities that will benefit them in their caring role and/or will alleviate the additional strain carers may be experiencing as a direct result of their caring role.
Examples of eligible items and activities include, but are not limited to:
 Purchase of household items including cookers, fridges, beds, washing machines etc. (please refer to Appendix One for standard allocation amounts)
 Essential home repairs
Costs associated with accessing courses and purchase of related materials
Purchase of IT and mobile phone equipment, software and data allowances

For enquiries, please contact Crossroads Care Rotherham on 01709 360272.