“Rated 11/10. Absolutely wonderful and can’t praise enough, B has got a wonderful talent. The sessions what she has learned has changed herself and the carer can calm herself on her own, it has really changed the way she thinks. Praise is definitely due and the carer hopes more carers and people will access this. People at Crossroads have been brilliant also (namely C), the support given has been very important and the people at Crossroads are really nice and wonderful people.”

Carer was very emotional when she received her Carer’s Pack and iPad, she “had always been forgotten as a carer and I couldn’t thank you enough for all you have done.”

“It was lovely to meet you on Friday, we have set up the iPad and it is working a treat, much faster and more stable than the old one. The care package was also very welcome, I have put the window sticker in my car and the crocheted rainbow on my handbag. We can only say a heartfelt thank you for your help and for the grant for our iPad. Best wishes, and keep up the wonderful work!”

“It was a wonderful gift from Heaven when I ordered to send the Trust Grant for a new dryer, I almost bought one the other day but couldn’t get through online.”

“Many thanks for all your support, it means a lot that you have gone the extra mile. Thanks for making things a little bit easier.”

Daughter-in law says: “The first visit to shower client went really well and the care support worker managed to get the client into the shower in 2 mins whereas family have been struggling and the process sometimes took them hours.”

Grandson says: “Your service is wonderful, no issues whatsoever; your care support workers are very professional and I am very pleased with your company.”

Client’s wife rang to say: “I’m very pleased with the care given by J and she was an absolute star!”

Carer (referring to D) said: “The best thing since sliced bread. She really listened to me, gave me some great information and was so patient.”

Son-in-law said: “Thank you for the care client has received from care support worker and for the office staff being so lovely to both the client and the family. Having care support worker was like a breath of fresh air, having the opportunity to leave client in the care of someone who they knew would take good care of client is amazing and very much appreciated.”

Carer said: “Thanks to JBP’s intervention, the client’s life was saved, as they facilitated client going into hospital.”

Carer said: “Thank you for arranging the picnic, enjoyed my first social event with more than one person in 18 months.”

Client sent a donation of £50 with a note attached that read: “Thank you for the opportunity to take the trip. Carer and I are still fortunate that we were able to get out and about, please find enclosed cheque to help with the cost of the company”.

Carer stated that: “The volunteer has been an inspiration, a wonderful and open person who allowed me to talk about all subjects.”

“I want to thank you all at Crossroads, you are all so caring, helpful and considerate, and have made such a massive difference to our lives.”

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