“Care support worker was worth his weight in gold. He interacted with client and made them both feel comfortable, so much so that I was happy to leave client in his care while I nipped out.”

“I was so happy with your service. I didn’t think there was so much available for carers. I cannot thank Carers’ Resilience Service enough.”

Volunteer on rest, receiving wellbeing calls said: “Someone to talk to, to bring light into a dark world”

“Thank you for caring and the consideration shown towards me. Crossroads is a wonderful organisation and will never know the heartfelt gratitude I feel, which is beyond words.”

Clients’ daughter rang to say: “In the half hour volunteer was here, she’s never heard their mother & father laugh so much, I’m sure he doesn’t realise the positive impact he had on the lives of 2 elderly people. Is it possible to send him again to fill any empty slots? Please send him again.”

Client said: “Volunteer has made my week, she was lovely, she made me a cup of tea and she held on to me so I felt safe when walking. It was so lovely to be able to go to the market.”

“I phoned the office to say that I couldn’t make my calls the following week. I spoke with K who we have known since she started and I can’t believe the difference. She’s gone from a shy lass to someone with confidence, very professional, it’s unbelievable. As a customer, I can tell she has come on in leaps and bounds. Whatever you are doing down there to train is working”.

Client’s carer said: “Thank you for your assistance you have been giving me in helping the client home from respite, we have all been distressed about it but having N contact social services has contributed to helping with client’s speedy return home, which has made both of us very, very happy.”

Community matron said: “I just want to say a great big thank you to care support worker for all her support with the carer and the client. She has been amazing with her knowledge and advice and I don’t know what I would have done when I had no where else to turn. Care support worker was there and extremely proactive, supportive and managed to get social services to reconsider a step-down placement from hospital. She has been there for the carer throughout her periods of crisis over the last few months and I am very grateful for this and I know the carer is also.”

Carer said: “Thank you to all the staff for everything they’ve done for client and myself through out the lockdown period. I don’t know how I would’ve managed without the help and support of Crossroads.”

Daughter said: “I can’t thank you enough for being able to support client today at my daughter’s wedding. I have been able to focus on my daughter and family on her special day with full knowledge that client was in good hands and I had nothing to worry about.”

Client’s son passed on his compliments to the management team by saying: “C attended to my mum today for the first time, she was absolutely fantastic. Got herself up to speed very quickly by reading the care plan, did a brilliant job keeping my mum calm, used initiative to see what needed doing, just got on with it; nothing was too much trouble for her. I was very impressed and thought she deserved some recognition.”

“Thank you 100 times over. The support has been amazing and we know there is a lifeline. I would like to support Crossroads in the future to repay all the support and help given, I really appreciate the welfare calls from the volunteers and I’m extremely thankful and overwhelmed from being granted a laptop from the RMBC grants, as well as the Wellbeing Pack.”

“The chats feel like someone out there is trying to help… It really helps talking.”

Carer said that: “M is a wonderful, lovely lady. I feel very comfortable with her, as M has supported a lot in the past, especially when my mum passed away.”

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