Unpaid Carers Covid-19 Grants

RMBC Funding

RMBC Unpaid Carers Covid-19 Grants is open to carers aged 18 and over. Carers in Rotherham can apply for grants of up to £350 for items or activities that meet the RMBC criteria, which will support them in areas of their caring role and/or will alleviate some additional strain carers may be experiencing as a direct result of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis e.g.

  • Build Skills – Providing respite care to enable carers to attend training
  • Cope in a Crisis – Access respite care
  • Reduce Stress and Anxiety – Access to therapies, coping strategies
  • Reduce Social Isolation – Purchase of technology and communication aid

It is useful to be clear from the outset what we cannot fund. The following costs WILL NOT be funded by the RMBC grants:

  • Grants for young carers (aged 5-15)
  • Utility bills and payments such as gas, electricity and water
  • Credit card bills or debt repayments
  • White Goods (fridges, washing machines etc)
  • Long term replacement care
  • Specialised equipment such as wheelchairs
  • Any costs associated with motor vehicles including their maintenance or repairs.
  • Repairs and maintenance in your home

Other organisations may be able to support around the above areas of need, including Citizens Advice Bureau and Crossroads Care Rotherham – Carers Trust Grants. We are keen that carers are encouraged to seek support for the issues that they are faced with.

Please note: This form will need to be submitted to Helen Cryan CEO of Crossroads Care Rotherham for approval of the grant. Crossroads Care Rotherham will require the collection, processing, sharing and storage of carer’s personal data for the application. Once the information is collected, this will need to be stored for reporting purposes.

To apply for an RMBC Unpaid Carers Covid-19 Grant please fill in the application form here.