Carer Facts

“A Carer is someone who, without payment, provides help and support to a partner, child, relative, friend, neighbour, who could not manage without their help. This could be due to age, physical or mental illness, addiction or disability”

  • Every day another 5.5 thousand people on average take on a caring responsibility.
  • One in eight adults are carers – that’s around six million people.
  • There are 5.2 million carers in England & Wales.
  • Carers save the economy £87 billion per year, an average of £15,000 per carer.
  • Over 3 million people juggle care with work.
  • The main carer’s benefit is £48.65 for a minimum of 35 hours, equivalent to £1.39 per hour.
  • 1.25 million people provide over 50 hours of care per week.
  • People providing high levels of care are twice as likely to be permanently sick or disabled.
  • Over 1 million people care for more than one person.
  • 58% of carers are women and 42% are men.
  • By 2037 the number of carers could have increased to 9 million.
  • Every year over 2 million people become carers.
  • 6 million carers in UK.
  • 3 million carers are thought to combine work and care.
  • 1.9 million care for more than 20 hours a week.
  • 80% of carers are of working age.
  • 1.3 million carers are over 65.
  • There are 2 million new carers a year.
  • 3 in 5 people will at some point in their lives become a carer.

There are currently 175,000 young carers (under 18).