About Us

Crossroads Care is Britain’s leading provider of support for carers and the people they care for. We work with over 35,000 individuals and their families, helping carers to make a life of their own outside caring.

We provide the special quality of care that gives them the peace of mind to let someone else step into their shoes.

There are some 6 million people in Britain who care for others. Many of these reach a turning point, a crossroads, at which they feel they need help… Where they may simply need a break or more regular support. This is what Crossroads Care does. We are a national network of local charities employing over 5,000 trained professionals. We provide flexible services to people of all ages and with a range of disabilities and health conditions.

As a charity, we care for people not-for-profit. No-one cares more than Crossroads Care, not just in the scale of what we do or the 35 years experience that we have, but in the way we define care. Crossroads Care Support Staff are not here today and gone tomorrow. They love their work, their training and long experience means they understand what carers, those they care for, need and feel.

They know the simple things that really matter, they do the hard jobs with a smile and they take pleasure in fitting into family life.

It’s no surprise then that Crossroads staff build long and trusted relationships and that more carers and people with care needs turn to Crossroads Care for support than to any other social care provider.

The social care system is changing, in a way that will put more control and choice in the hands of people with care needs. But it will mean a period of complexity and confusion. No-one is better qualified than Crossroads Care to guide people through new choices and processes to a better quality of caring life.

Crossroads Care… The people carers turn to